Together we enhance the world of finance.

400 000+
Trades. Daily.
2 100 000 000+
2 100 000 000+
USD trading volume. Daily.

We enjoy technology, finance and investing in meaningful projects.

The Purple Holding founders have always had the vision of building fintech businesses that make people's life easier. We are partners in ventures where we bring our own business ideas to life such as Purple Technology or forex brokerages.

At Purple Holding, we are ready to support new fintech startup ventures by contributing both our know-how from international financial markets and capital resources. We love to work with people who possess drive and energy; who want to challenge themselves, and above all, who genuinely wish to share our values of freedom, fairness and friendliness.

We are long-term partners in business, people, and savvy decision-making.

People behind

David Kašper
David Kašper
David is the 'head', a co-founder actively leading the holding. An ever-smiling visionary, building key business partnerships and excelling in business startups, David is the first of Purple Holding's three key shareholders.
Filip Řehoř
Filip Řehoř
Filip is the 'heart', a co-founder building the team, a considerate originator of a unique team atmosphere. Always keeping a watchful eye on key holding projects, Filip is the second of Purple Holding's three key shareholders.
Jakub Nytra
Jakub Nytra
Jakub is the 'neck' and 'hands', a co-founder taking care of operations, legal and compliance matters. Heading up one of the key businesses, Jakub is the third of Purple Holding's three key shareholders.
Michal Došlík
Michal Došlík
With his calm, analytical 'brain' overseeing finance, risks and business intelligence, Michal is one of the nine minority shareholders.

Our story

The three founders, while students, began to engage in the financial and forex markets, focusing on improving the technological connection between brokers and investors.
The founders got an offer to build a CEE base for a US forex broker, yet had doubts about a long-term partnership and genuinely shared values.
The founders decided to build a forex brokerage, plus an outsourcing provider called Purple Technology, after getting an initial 'angel' investment.
Initial growth and mistakes brought hard times. Nevertheless, with the subsequent, gradual growth of the business in East Asia, the stabilisation of Purple Technology soon followed.
A stable and prosperous group, with a team of 50+, is now forming under the Purple Holding umbrella as new business arms are starting to emerge.
Our operations and team are growing and we established a charitable organisation
The group prospers and starts to form its Purple Ventures investment arm