Purple Ventures invests smart money into early-stage finance or technology startups with a proven business model expanding their business globally.

Who Purple Ventures Invests into:


young firms focusing on financial services with a key technology component.


the startup has paying clients and a product monetization model.

Global & B2B

clear ambition to build an international firm (wherever its base is) with business focus primarily on serving organizations.


dedicated founding team (not a one man show), who put in their own money and opportunity costs / skin in the game.


founders organized, disciplined, show abilities to grow the firm globally.


founders with a friendly, reliable, humble and fair play approach – we partner with similar minded, likeable people.

Smart money - the value we provide besides money:


we respect and support the founders with same friendly, reliable, humble & fair way


consultancies by 100+ Purple Team: strategy, global expansion, marketing, finance, human relations, payment methods, legal, risk management, trading technologies or web technologies.

Experience & Network

lessons learned from our own, hands on, successful startup to mid-size global fin-tech holding grow, plus access to an eco-system of our global fin-tech businesses and B2B relations.

What Purple Ventures invest:

Seed capital

early stage investments to grow the funded business with a proof of concept, i.e. paying customers. Startup already backed by family money, angel capital or seed capital.

Ticket size

from EUR 200k per investment.

Minority equity stake

the startup founders drive and manage the business.

Board seat

we are fine with Board observer seat for investments ≤ 10% stake.


co-investors during and after our investment are welcomed.


mid-to-long-term investment horizon = we expect to sell our stake in 5-7 years.

Sample investments we made:

Purple Ventures made direct equity investment into a payment solution aggregator serving e-commerce industries (e-shops, B2B both B2C) to connect multiple payment service providers (PSPs) using one API (interface) directly into their platforms. Every PSP has a different requirements and specifications. PayPipes solution is able to provide its customers a unified structured output from all different connected PSPs, so the e-shops can integrate one partner API (PayPipes) instead of multiple PSPs’ APIs. This venture investment was made during mid 2018, and the company / founders with its technology were acqui-hired during late 2019.

Purple Ventures became limited partner of this venture capital fund in mid 2019. The VC fund focuses on pre-seed and seed investments between 20K up to 1.5M Euro into start-up companies born built in Czechia. Main target companies are technology start-ups with unique ideas and business models.

Purple Ventures has become a Limited Partner of a London based, pan-European private equity firm investing in Financial Services and Enabling TechnologyTM firms. Together, we have invested in Barion Payment Inc., an Electronic Money Issuer serving B2B and B2C clients in Central Europe in April 2020.

A Hong Kong based, payment solution disruptor in South East Asia (ASEAN). Making payment or fund transfer into the different currencies in ASEAN countries is a cumbersome and an expensive process. Curfex uses its proprietary technology to significantly speed up and lower the cost of conversion and money flow. The startup is licensed in two jurisdictions – Hong Kong and Japan – and is rapidly growing its processed volume across a range of different B2B and B2C clienteles. Purple Ventures acquired a minority stake in 2020.

Humanity needs to redefine its relationship with its carbon emissions through measurement, reduction and offsetting. The fight against climate change is one of the most important things we should all be doing as a society, and no one understands this better than México-based Toroto. Toroto provides tools for companies and individual users to measure their carbon footprint, and offset it through the development of forestry projects. This is all done in a certified way, in adherence to the most robust international protocols and standards. Purple Ventures made a seed investment into Toroto in summer 2020.